17 Things that surprised me after 10 days of rural yurt life.

1. Keeping the damp and cold at bay is a full time job

2. Showers are overrated. If its cold and you're wrapped up in woolly jumpers, who really needs them anyway?

3. If you have natural fibre socks you can get a few days wear out of them. It's important to double jumper and double sock for maximum affect. Natural fibres ALWAYS for warmth and lack of stink. 


4. It's perfectly normal to buy a car that doesn't lock, because you don’t need to lock cars here. Yes really.  

5. Long haired boys are often mistaken for girls.

6. Hate polystyrene? Me too. However, the creator of the polystyrene BOG seat deserves to win a prize for services to cold bottoms. Honestly, it feels WARM even when it's FREEZING outside. Mind. Blown. 

7. A river after the snow has thawed, sounds the same as a motorway.


8. Mud is a way of life

9. Instant hot water in the middle of a field is nothing short of a miracle.

10. Mice like warm places too.

11. It is 25 minutes drive to the local shop and there are no take away delivery services here. It feels... ok. You get used to driving everywhere. 

12. When you shift a ton of gravel, it's your core muscles that ache the next day. Not your arms. 

13. There were 56 pupils in the local Primary school; now 58. Despite not being able to speak the language the children feel snug being amongst such a small number. I'm surprised how quickly they have felt at home there. 

14. I may never get bored of going to sleep to the sounds of the owls.

15. Snow is beautiful but means that keeping warm and dry is bloody hard work. 

16. Pub culture is alive and kicking.

17. Warmest welcomes await people who venture this far into the wilderness. I have never been invited to so many people's houses in my life. It is so, so lovely. 

Here is a little film, showing you around our new yurt. Not a bad start, I reckon?

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