A Small Scratch

I have come to realise that it's quite hard keeping my feet in both camps. 

I'm not complaining- we've got a good deal but I'm not really doing or achieving anything. I'm working my Notice period and ticking jobs off my to do list but nothing I can really get me teeth into...

So, I treat this like the start of our travels as far as I can, though taking the children for their jabs is far from fun. The boys have been brave, so far they have survived Hep A, Hep B, Typhoid, Diphtheria, Tetanus and Rabies. Yesterday was the start of our Rabies course- we (adults) had the new Intra-dermal vaccine which I could hardly feel. The children however were unable to take this and had to have the intra-muscular version which hurt and left them with a fever all night. I have lied through my teeth to them trying to laugh off the obvious connection- but they have 2 more jabs to go. I don't fancy my chances of an easy appointment next week.

Megan, the nurse at Nomad was lovely and totally didn't try to upsell us as I suspected she would. We don't need any other vaccinations now other than Rabies which we are already on course for- and Yellow Fever if we go in to the Rainforest in South America. I was assured I could buy this from a clinic en route as long as it was 10 days before heading into the Amazon. Anti Malarials are of course essential and we discussed the weighing up of DEET with its carcinogenic properties vs risk of Malaria and Dengue Fever. It's a flipping minefield this parenting business. 

At the moment, life is one big conversation about where to go and when, usually in our bedroom, whispering whilst the children are sleeping. It's like being a teenager again- Mum and Dad watch telly in the lounge and I'm in my bedroom with my boyfriend (husband) sneaking about with cider (wine) whilst the smell of smoke wafts in through the window (this remains a constant). At 38 I am so easily transported back in time, except the time it's Skyscanner and Air bnb as our obsessions instead of Nirvana and Joss sticks. 

We are toying with Singapore? Mexico? Laos? Then I realised at the start of the week that we all needed to apply for Passports. PASSPORTS! Oh yes... I need to send off my Marriage certificate to get my name changed which means that I wouldn't have it to get my driving license updated, which I'll need to have in order to apply for my International Drivers License..!! Suddenly 2 months seems too quick.

On the days that I work the trip can't come soon enough- not because I dislike my job- I definitely don't, (homeless health support worker) but getting out the door when we are all living in 1 room is quite a challenge. Surrounded by stuff but not being able to find anything I actually need, (phone, diary, water bottle, lunch, I.D...aaaarrgghhh!!!) all the while other people keep asking me where their stuff is. It's so nice they think I have the answers when I can't even find my own shoes. Just today I could find Flip but not Flop. Sad face. 

I count my blessings that I don't have to put the children in childcare- that would be one more thing to think about. Thank goodness for my parents who just take my children as they are when they emerge from the bedroom we all share. 

I'm scheduling in leaving drinks and meet ups. we don't seem to have enough weekends...! I can see it's going to sneak up on us, and sometime when I think about the enormity of the trip and t's planning I lose my breath. For now, though we are off to Redfest, a local community festival in Bristol. We are going to see an act we loved at Glastonbury- the one and only Bramble FM. 69.9

"so local you can smell it"

A's a big fan.  

A's a big fan.  

Les and Maureen can shoehorn so much leftfield wrongness into a mere 3 hours, it beggars belief. I am willing to risk the chance of laughing so hard I wee just to take my mind off trip planning for a short while. 

Maureen, riding Les.  

Maureen, riding Les.  

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